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Top Rated Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Tampa

Best Rated Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Sampa

Discover the ultimate in Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Tampa! People have chosen us for the symphatic drainage massage Tampa experience that's simply the best. Our expert therapists are dedicated to providing you with the most rejuvenating and effective Lymphatic Drainage Massage in the area. Come and experience it for yourself!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Tampa

Unlocking Wellness with Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Tampa

Experience the Benefits


Detoxify and Renew

Experience a renewed sense of well-being as our Massage Therapy clears away toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


Alleviate Swelling

Say goodbye to discomfort and puffiness as our skilled therapists target lymphatic pathways, restoring balance to your body's fluid levels and helping you feel lighter and more comfortable.


Enhance Well-Being

Elevate your overall health and mood with improved circulation and a strengthened immune system, making it easier to maintain your vitality and tackle the challenges of your day.


Relax and Recharge

Achieve profound serenity and a renewed sense of energy through our calming massage therapy, which offers a tranquil escape from the stresses of daily life.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pricing in Tampa: 

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- 60 minutes: $125 

- 90 minutes: $155

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Draining the lymphatic system is a low-pressure method that uses lengthy, gentle squeezes to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins in the body. This is an effective technique to help detox your body from toxins and treat scar tissue that builds up over time, whether after surgery or to aid in the maintenance of medical concerns.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage FAQ

  • What if I can’t float?
    At our wellness spa center, we assure you that EVERYONE can float in our specially designed float tank. The key lies in the unique composition of our tank, which is brimming with a high concentration of salt. This abundant salt content creates a remarkable natural buoyancy that allows you to effortlessly float, without requiring any conscious effort on your part. Experience the Benefits: Effortless Relaxation: Drift away without needing to make any effort to stay afloat. Stress Relief: Immerse yourself in tranquility, leaving stress behind. Mindful Escape: Disconnect from distractions and immerse yourself in a sensory sanctuary. Embrace the serenity of floating effortlessly in our float tank at our wellness spa center. Your journey to complete relaxation begins here.
  • How hot is float tank?
    Our tank is maintained at an optimal temperature of approximately 96 degrees Fahrenheit (36.7 degrees Celsius). This carefully chosen temperature creates a comfortable and soothing environment that enhances your floating experience. We've designed the tank's temperature to strike the perfect balance between warmth and relaxation, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in tranquility without any discomfort. Experience the Comfort: Optimal Warmth: Enjoy the gentle embrace of a temperature perfectly suited for relaxation. Extended Sessions: Indulge in longer floating sessions without discomfort. Soothing Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a cocoon of warmth and peacefulness. Embrace the inviting warmth of our float tank as you embark on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery. The 96-degree temperature serves as the ideal backdrop for your escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, offering you an oasis of tranquility to rejuvenate your senses.
  • How deep is tank?
    Our float tank is designed with a water depth of approximately 6 inches (15.24 centimeters). This depth has been meticulously calibrated to offer you the perfect environment for achieving a state of weightless relaxation. Contrary to conventional swimming pools or bodies of water, the depth of the water in our float tank is intentionally shallow, as the primary goal isn't swimming but rather effortless floating. Experience the Shallow Serenity: Effortless Floating: Revel in the sensation of floating with minimal effort. Deeper Relaxation: Embrace the shallow serenity that encourages complete relaxation. Mind-Body Connection: Explore the profound connection between physical buoyancy and mental tranquility.
  • Can I drown in the float?
    Rest assured, our float tank is specifically designed to ensure your safety and tranquility throughout the entire experience. The unique environment of the float tank makes it nearly impossible to drown. The key lies in the proper position for floating, which is on your back. When you're in the correct position, your body naturally becomes buoyant, allowing you to effortlessly remain on the surface of the water.
  • How long should I float?
    The optimal duration for your float session depends on your familiarity with the experience and your comfort level. If this is your first time floating, we recommend starting with a session of 30 minutes. This timeframe allows for a gradual adjustment to the unique environment of the float tank, which can initially feel unusual. It's common for individuals to take about 10 minutes to acclimate to the surroundings. Tailor Your Floating Journey: First-Timer Comfort: Begin with a 30-minute session to adjust to the unique environment. Deep Exploration: Extend sessions for a truly immersive experience, up to 12 hours. Personalized Relaxation: Choose the duration that suits your comfort and objectives.
  • How will I know when the float is over?
    Knowing when your float session is coming to an end is part of ensuring a seamless and tranquil experience in our float tank. We offer two options to help you be aware of the session's conclusion, regardless of whether you prefer music or silence during your float. Experience a Graceful Transition: Musical Cue: The changing music lets you know your session is nearing its end. Silent Reminder: A gentle message ensures you're aware your float time has concluded. Mindful Resurfacing: Transition from deep relaxation back to your surroundings with ease.
  • Do I have to shower?
    While showering before and after your float session isn't mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible. Before your float, taking a quick shower helps remove any oils, lotions, hair products, or makeup from your skin. This step is essential to prevent these substances from affecting the water's quality and the buoyancy of your body. If you've showered just before arriving at our wellness spa center, you might be able to skip the pre-float shower, although it's still advised to make sure your skin is free from potential contaminants.
  • Do I need to bring anything for my float session?
    For your float session, you have the flexibility to choose what makes you feel most comfortable. While there's no strict requirement, there are a few items some individuals find helpful to bring. Some guests opt to bring a swim cap to keep their hair contained during the float. Additionally, if you prefer to wear a bathing suit, you're welcome to bring one along. However, it's important to note that our float tank is designed to provide an optimal experience without the need for swimwear. Tailor Your Experience: Personal Comfort: Choose what makes you feel most at ease during your float. Essential Amenities: Towels, soap, and other essentials are provided for your convenience. Flexible Options: Opt to float naked or bring swimwear based on your preference.
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