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“I have been seeing Alicia since November of 2016; I had just started nursing school and was ending yet another, unhealthy relationship. My emotions have gotten in the way of my success in the past and I wanted this time to be different. I wanted to figure out why this kept happening, I wanted to know what I was doing wrong and I wanted to fix it. I have battled depression since my father died when I was ten years old which lead to self-harm by the age of 12. Over the last 20 years I have had countless unhealthy relationships of various degrees that I never consciously realized were chipping away at my happiness, self-confidence, and only worsening the depression. Now I have been to therapy before; more than one therapist, more than one session, and all with the same result. Being told I was a smart girl, I had a good understanding of myself, the issues, the solutions, and that I seemed fine. Then going home crying myself to sleep, having trouble getting out of bed and hurting myself? How was this fine? Just because I laughed and smiled publically. I felt even more isolated. For years I stayed away because I already knew what I was going to be told. On the other hand, I knew I couldn’t make the same decisions and expect different results. I decided to give therapy one last chance so I reached out to my employers EAP program and was given a list of therapists.”

“I called and researched the names and then I stumbled across Alicia’s psychology today page “If you stay open-minded, honest, and are willing to do something different, we can work together to find understanding, ways to cope, & ultimately relief.” I thought, that’s me! Exactly everything I’ve wanted for years.”

“After meeting Alicia, for the first time I felt like someone was actually listening to my struggles and hearing me. From day one she explained to me that this is a journey and if I was in it, so was she. Over the last 14 months I have gained self-confidence, I’ve learned to stand up for myself and not let people treat me poorly, I am finally accepting the love I actually deserve and not the love or lack thereof that I was receiving. Although this is a constant journey and it does not happen overnight. Seeing Alicia has shown me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me and that a short coming can be a strength with the right mind power behind it. We all have our own experiences that make up our reality and you don’t have to carry your pain and your struggles alone.”

– Not Alone


“When I met Alicia I was in a pretty low place. I felt isolated, confused and deeply hurt. I had been avoiding therapy for most of my life. I have tried a few therapists throughout the years, but none made me feel as comfortable as Alicia. I felt an instant relief after our first session; life didn’t seem so isolated anymore. I’m not quite where I need to be, but I am a long way from the place I used to be. I feel much more confident. I am no longer confused and so much more focused. It’s soon approaching a year on my sessions with Alicia, but it feels like yesterday. I say that in a good way. Where did all the time go, but more importantly, I am much happier than I have been in a long time. I look forward to the continued progress I am making in my sessions and by far Alicia is the best therapist I could’ve wished for. ”

– More Focused & Confident


“Finding a therapist you connect with can be a very difficult task. I had just about given up on finding someone when my psychiatrist gave me Alicia’s number and told me to set up an appointment. It can be nerve-wracking to open up to a complete stranger about the struggles you’re facing in your life, but Alicia made it easy right off the bat. I’ve been going to her once a week for almost 6 months now and I’m so thankful I found her. When I’m in her office, it is a safe space and I’ve never felt judged or looked down upon. She is extremely supportive, patient, and by far the best fit for me as a client. I would most definitely recommend Alicia to anybody looking for a therapist.”

– Safe and supported

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